Caravan Roadworthy and Caravan Gas Certificate

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Mobile Safety Certificate Ipswich

Mobile Safety Certificate Ipswich

A Caravan Safety Certificate also known as a Caravan Roadworthy Certificate is required when the caravan or trailer

ATM (Fully Loaded Weight)  is between 751kg - 3500kg

We can offer this as a mobile inspection and a Mobile Gas Certificate within Ipswich and other regions 
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Mobile Safety Certificate Ipswich and Gas Certificate Ipswich

Requirements for the Mobile Safety Certificate Ipswich and Trailer Roadworthy Certificate

- Registration Certificate or Renewal Paper (if the trailer is registered)
- Level Ground for the Inspection to be performed on (concrete or a hard surface is preferred)
- 1 meter access around the outside of the trailer

- All compartments and doors to be unlocked 
- To pass Inspection the Trailer or Caravan MUST have all of the Clearance, Tail and Stop Lights working and it must have a Number Plate Light.

To make the process much easier, if the owner does a few simple checks over the trailer, like just checking Lights and tyres are in working order
When your Trailer or Caravan Safety Inspection is under way, If the need arises, most repairs can be performed on site to pass inspection; Safety Certificate and or Gas Certificate 

The Caravan or trailer must comply to the Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB1 for light trailers 

Basic Requirements (Compliance)
For Caravan and Trailers 751kg to 2000kg Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)
- Minimum of 1 axle with brakes fitted to the forward axle
- Tyres to be load ratted to the Fully Loaded Weight Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
- Minimum of 1 load rated safety chains equal to or more than the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
For Caravan and Trailers 2001kg to 3500kg Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)
- Brakes on all wheels
- Brake Away System (BrakeSafe) fitted to trailer, which will cause all brakes to actuate when the switch is tripped.
- Minimum of 2 load rated safety chains equal to or more than the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

Things we Check 

All  lights must work (stop, tail, forward markers, rear markers, number plate and indicators), lights are free from cracks in the lens, light lenses are not faded from the sun, no water inside the light or lens, reflectors are fitted to the front sides and rear of the caravan or trailer, body is secured to the chassis correctly, walls and floor are free from timber rot, chassis and a frame are free from any structural impairing rust, safety chains are rated and secured to the a frame permanently, coupling is rated and secured to the a frame properly, tyres have more than 3mm tread across the whole tyre, tyres are free from any cracks in the side wall and in the tread pattern, brakes are within tolerance and in safe working order, brake pads or shoes have at least 1mm of braking element left, bearing tension is within tolerance with no excessive play from side to side, chassis number to be on a frame if manufactured prior to 1988, compliance plate with VIN number fitted to the caravan or trailer if manufactured after 1988.