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Caravan Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Certificate

Mobile Caravan Inspection - 1 Stop Mobile Safety Shop


Caravan Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Certificate

We come to you, 1 person will be taking care of your Caravan Roadworthy Certificate and Caravan Gas Certificate.

Areas we cover - (we bring the work shop to you)

The Mobile Caravan Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Certificate and be done at your home.

Brisbane suburbs, Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Brisbane City, South Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, ALL OF SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND 

Requirements for Mobile Caravan Safety Certificate (Caravan Roadworthy) and Gas Certificate

- Caravan to be accessible inside and out, 1/2m access around the out side.

- Flat and level ground to work on, concrete or hard dirt preferred, NOTE - long grass is not suitable

- Caravan covers should be removed, all compartments to be unlocked.

- All running lights must work (stop, tail, front lights, rear lights, side lights, indicators and number plate light)

Requirements for Mobile Caravan Gas Certificate

- Check that you have Gas in the Gas Bottle, it is best to run your appliances to make sure they run.

- All Gas Appliances must function as design to.

- Have the Caravan or Trailer on flat level ground.


Transferring Ownership of a Current Registration or New Registration to Queensland

When obtaining a Caravan Roadworty Certificate (known as a RWC or Roadworthy Certificate) for your Caravan there are FOUR things to remember

- If the Trailer / Caravan is over 750kg (ATM) you are required to supply a Caravan Safety Certificate for the transfer of registration.

- If the Caravan / Trailer has a PERMANENTLY plumbed gas supply, you are required to supply a Gas Certificate for the sale of the

Trailer, for More information Please visit the Caravan Gas Certificate page.

- If the Trailer was manufactured prior to 1988 and does not have any paperwork to determine the TARE weight, you are required to

Supply a Tare Weight Certificate, this can be obtained from your local Public Weigh Bridge.

- If the Trailer or Caravan is NOT currently Registered or Is registered In another state other than Queensland, you are required to

supply a Caravan HVRAS Inspection Report for more info please visit the Queensland Department of Transport web site

If you have any other questions please call the OWNER / OPERATOR of RWC & GAS (Michael) 0417 798 934

We can Help you with any questions you may have about Caravan Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Compliance Regulations

Keep an Eye out for these things in regards to your inspections

Caravan Gas Certificate

For your Caravan to pass the Gas Inspection it MUST have a

Test Point installed on the system.

As a part of our specialty Mobile Caravan Gas Certificate we also bring spare parts and hold an open gas fitters licence for caravans, which means we can fix mot common things while we are on site doing your caravan gas inspection.  

Caravan Safety Certificate (Caravan Roadworthy)

Basic checks to your caravan will possibly save a re-inspection, saving

you money and time.

Any issues we can rectify whether it may be a Light or a Tyre

We also carry a range of caravan mechanical and 12 volt electrical parts, so we can fix most common faults while we are conducting your mobile caravan roadworthy certificate.

Imported Caravans - Not as easy as it looks

When purchasing an imported caravan from the USA or England there are many points to consider, you MUST have the Gas System converted and each appliance must be tested and issued with an individual certification number.

Even purchasing an Imported Caravan already registered here in Queensland there is no garantee that it will pass the inspections again, as every imported caravan that we have seen has something wrong with it and does not comply to the Australian Design Rules.

To convert an imported caravan to suit our ADR's is may cost up to $10,000

Stick to Australian Made and you shouldn't have a problem.

In some cases we have seen come copied AGA Certification stickers, that was not the only thing that was wrong with this Caravan.

If you find a (Fake) Certification Sticker or a (Fake) Gas Certificate, your caravan is not safe and can not be signed off for approval.

For any information please call Michael - RWC and Gas Certificates - 0417 798 934

Mobile Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Certificate Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, North Lakes, Bribie Island

For further information on Caravan Gas Compliance here in Queensland you can contact, the governing body which is the

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

For Individual Caravan Gas Appliance Certification

Queensland Gas Association (QGA)


Australian Gas Association

Information for all Buyers

Please Note that a Safety Certificate and or Gas Certificate can be issued on any caravan or trailer because it has met a MINIMUM safety standard. A Safety Certificate does not check for water leaks, 240v electrical items or powered appliances and we do suggest you inspect the Caravan / Trailer yourself.

Roadworthy Certificate is valid for 2 months and can only be used once.

Gas Certificate is Valid for 3 months and can be used multiple times.

Once these Certificates have been used or are expired they are no longer of any use and can be thrown away.

When taking ownership;

The Buyer must

- Have a completed vehicle registration transfer document and the original copies of the Safety Certificate and Gas Certificate (Carbon copies or photo copies will not do)

- Transfer the registration within 14days of sale

The seller must;

- Keep the sellers copy of the transfer notice and file it away

- Keep the yellow copy of the roadworthy and file it away

General Notes

- Caravans over 2000kg (GTM) / (ATM) - the Brake Safe System needs to be checked and charged before every trip.

- Check all Tail, Stop, Indicator and Clearance Lights, including the Number Plate Lamp before leaving for each trip.

- Turn gas bottles off when travelling, and make sure they are secured property so they can’t move around.

- Check that the safety chains are not close to or dragging on the ground as they can wear out from this.

- Ask the seller for all paperwork that comes with the Caravan or Trailer, also check when it was last serviced

Maintenance requirements

- Caravan Servicing is recommended to be done every year or 10000km

- Suburban Hot water system anodes MUST be replaced every year

- It is recommended to check brakes, tyre pressure, wheel bearing adjustment and wheel nut torque every 1-2000km - Keep a can of Inox or WD-40 in the caravan to spray these items all the time - Hot Water System, Door Locks, Hinges, Wind down Legs, Jockey Wheel, Hitch / Coupling, Components on A-Frame, Hand Brake Cable, Gas Regulator and Suspension

We can help you with all your servicing needs as well

Keep in contact - Please call Michael on 0417 798 934 if you have any questions

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