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Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast

Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast - Caravan Safety Inspection Checks

Basic Requirements for the Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast

- Check that there is gas in a bottle

- Check that all gas appliance do work and will start on the day

- 3 Way Gas Fridges must be working upon inspections

For your Caravan to pass the Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast inspection it MUST have the following

- 2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection) in the picture below

- Test Point - in the picture below

- Gas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate

- Australian Certified Appliances

- Comply to Australian Standard AS5601.2

Any Questions, Call Michael 0417 798 934

RWC and GAS Certificates can help over the phone regarding your Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast

Use the pictures below as reference to check the compliance of your caravan. We bring spare parts so if you know there is something that may need attention let us know on the day of the Gas Certificate Inspection. Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast

Every caravan or camper trailer gas system must be fitted with a 2 stage regulator and test point no matter what the age of the gas installation

Gas storage compartment fitted with sealed divider and storage box warning label.

Only gas bottles

and components are allowed in this area.

Bottles are to be secured properly to with stand 5 times the weight of the bottles in all directions, also a drainage hole in the bottom of the storage box at least 19mm in diameter.

Here is a copied AGA approval sticker. As a part of the Australian Standard all appliances must have some type of Type A Gas Appliance Approval. This was found on an imported caravan that did not meet compliance.

Correct fitment of a 2 stage regulator with a test point and flexible pig tail.

The bottle holder is secured to the a frame of the caravan via bolts or welding and must with stand 5 times the weight of the bottle in all directions. Additional insulation between the gas bottle and holder shall be provided, most swap and go bottles come with it.  

Gas Leak on POL fitting.

The POL valve was originally designed as a metal to metal compression seal, this type must be done up fairly tight.

However, some connectors are now manufactured with rubber O-rings to further improve the seal. If the O-ring is cracked it will need to be replaced.

These Fridge vents are fitted to most Jayco Campers manufactured prior to 2012

e.g. Eagle, Swan, Penguin, Flamingo, Dove

Having this vent open does not comply and must be capped off to meet compliance.

The Vent on the Left has been capped off from the under side. 

Here is the inside of a cupboard where the fridge is, you can see the new piece of MDF that has been cut to suit a hole that was there. Now the fridge has been room sealed correctly 

In Queensland you are LEGALLY required to supply a Gas Certificate when transferring ownership or registration details of a Caravan or Camper Trailer. It is the sellers responsibility to supply these certificates when offering the unit for sale.



BBQ Regulators

- Are Not Safe


Particularly on older Caravans made prior to 1995 you may still find these fitted

With the install above we have a BBQ Regulator fitted to a gas system on a motorhome which does NOT COMPLY to our currant Australian Standards also with a handy mans grommet made up of 2 pieces of timber. If your gas system does not comply, we will be more than happy to bring it up to spec to get your system safe and certified on the same day.

We are a Family Business that specializes in gas inspections, Gas Certificate Sunshine Coast also providing Mobile RWC and GAS Certificates. With over 30 years of manufacturing, certifying and caravan knowledge.

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