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Caravan Detailing Brisbane

CARAVAN Detailing Brisbane

What we offer, Our team at Caravan Detailing Brisbane understand how hard it can be to find the time to be able to take your 'pride and joy' out for your holiday let alone having to clean it upon your return or getting it ready for sale. With that in mind, we offer our customers a range of packages providing different levels of service to return the Caravan to it's original condition. You can literally pull-up at home and "walk-away" with the peace of mind that your Caravan is being taken care of without the hassle of doing it yourself, right from cleaning the awning to servicing the wheel bearings.

We offer MORE than just Caravan Detailing Brisbane

At Caravan Detailing Brisbane our services / packages can be treated as one-off appointments or as part of a reoccurring maintenance schedule. Custom packages are also available. Contact Mike for more information or Call us today on 0417 798 934 to request a free quote.

We offer one of the Best All In One - Pre Sale Services

- Full Wash Down, Inside and outside


- Underbody Detail, including painting the drums and brakes

- Full interior / exterior clean and detail

Selling your Caravan? We offer an all in one mobile inspection service

- Caravan Roadworthy

- Caravan Gas Certificate

- Caravan Detailing

- Caravan Bearing and Mechanical Servicing

Having all this done by one person at your location means we can get your caravan all ready for its new owner with out you even lifting a finger... except for the phone call 😂

Call Mike today - 0417798934

Rwc and Gas Certificates

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