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HVRAS Inspection - Heavy Vehicle, Caravan and Trailer

If Your Heavy Vehicle, Caravan or Trailer is not registered in Queensland or currently un-registered you will need to supply a HVRAS Certificate with a Safety Certificate.

Having a Mobile HVRAS Inspection performed while we are issuing the roadworthy, means you do not have to take the Trailer or Caravan into Transport and Main Roads. All you you will need to take is just the paperwork we issue.

To complete the HVRAS inspection - if the vehicle does not have a compliance plate or was manufactured prior to 1988 you will need to obtain a TARE weight certificate. This can be obtained by going to your local weigh bridge and weighing the trailer.

HVRAS is a Measuring scheme that checks -

Dimensional limitations

Approved load sharing axle systems guidelines

Safe tyre carrying capacities

Vehicle identifiers (for example: engine number, vehicle identification number and chassis number).

We can inspect your Boat Trailer, Caravan, Camper Trailer, Box Trailer, Horse Float, Car Trailer and any other custom made trailers, also Heavy Trailers.

Articulated Bus Inspection Sheet form (F2873)

Mobile Equipment Inspection Sheet form (F2874)

Prime Mover Inspection Sheet form (F2875)

Rigid Bus Inspection Sheet form (F2876)

Rigid Truck / Motorised Caravan Inspection Sheet form (F2905)

Pig Trailer Inspection Sheet form (F3123)

Semi Trailer Inspection Sheet form (F3128)

Dog Trailer Inspection Sheet form (F3148)

Heavy haulage / Low Loader / Dolly Inspection Sheet form (F3154)

Converter Dolly Inspection Sheet form (F3646)

Motorhome / Campervan Inspection Sheet form (F4550)

We are a mobile inspection provider and are fully accredited TMR HVRAS Inspectors. This is an option we provide to make registering your Caravan or Trailer in Queensland much easier. Combine a Mobile Caravan RWC and Gas Certificate with a HVRAS - call Michael on 0417798934

Contact Mike if you have any Questions - 0417798934

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